Automotive Tire Rack

Automotive Tire Rack

As seen in the larger auto parts store chains.  The Auto Parts Store Tire Rack is configured from the Madix Wide Span line of steel racking that consists of Wide Span, Uprights, Beams, and Decks and Supports.

When configured you have a gravity feed display that will merchandise tires pf all sizes on the Wide Span Racking System.

Utilized using the well suited Wide Span Racks system.

Heavy guage steel upright frames slottes for 2" on center shelf height adjustment.

The top shelf sits flush with the top of the fixture for added storage space.

Heavy guage steel beams and decks intelock with upright frames in a snug position.

One deck utilizes two beams per level.

Decks utilize a cross beam configuration that are adjustable 3" on center to support most any tire size.

Available in an addon configuration and a starter section.  The addon section includes everything that a starter section includes minus one upright frame. The add on sections decks and beams connect to the starter section upright beam. 

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