Industrial Shelving Quote

Industrial Shelving Quote

We have made it EZ to provide you an accurate quote on Used Pallet Racking.  We need to know:

What type of Industrial Shelving you need?

A.  The height of the Pallet Rack configuration needed?

B  The length of the Pallet Rack configuration needed?  Most Used Pallet racks can be configured with up to a 96" beam length that will provide enough strength and stability.  For heavier duty Pallet Rack configurations you might want to consider shorter beam lengths that will require more uprights for application with the need of higher strength and stability requirements. 

C.  The depth of the Pallet Rack configuration needed?  The pallet rack decking can be configured on site with either Plywood or 2 X 4 type struts that will provide more cost savings on low budget applications.

PLEASE CHECK WITH YOU LOCAL, CITY, COUNTY, STATE PERMIT & INSPECTION AGENCY for proper permitting requirements because if some one gets hurt and you are not properly permitted and inspected you can be in big trouble.

We also need to know the City, State, and Zip Code of the location to ship to.  We can provide you with one of the most competitive shipping quotes to anywhere in THE 48 states of America.  We have also been pretty good on shipments going to Alaska & Hawaii.

Once you have gathered all of this information Please Call 800 619 9566