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Voice Over IP - VoIP

Voice Over IP Voice Over IP

The Facts about Voice Over IP

The two basic facts needed to be concerned with are Voice Over IP Phone lines such as a Vonage line and Voice Over IP extensions.

Voice Over IP Phone Lines such as a Vonage Line are phone lines that are provided over an existing internet connections.  They are technically known as SIP lines.

SIP lines are most cost effective in applications were a lot of out bound long distance phone calls are made.

The downside of SIP lines are most internet connections do not provide enough upload speed.  This causes quality of service issues that can arise when uploading or downloading large files.

Voice Over IP Extensions are actual extensions that work off of a phone system that have access to the offsite phone system features, so outside callers think the extension called is in the office when in fact it is not, the caller is at home or at a remote office.  A quality internet connection is needed on both ends.

If the phone system is hosting many offsite Voice Over IP extensions a T1 line with lots of upload speed would help quality of service issues.

One Important Fact.  We are all use to good working phone service, so if we lose quality of service on our phone conversations, we can all get very irritated easily.

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Voice Over IP -VoIP