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NEC Business Phones

  • Small Business Phone System

  • Expansion up to Digital 96 Phones

  • Advanced Features Available

  • Four Analog Ports Included

  • Voice Over IP Capable

  • SIP Trunks Available

NEC SL1100

The latest NEC system available is the NEC SL1100. A small business configuration would best start out at 4 lines in X 3 digital phones. The SL1100 can expand up to 3 additional cabinets besides the first initial cabinet. Eacj cabinet can expand to 24 digital phones or 28 analod phones making the SL1100 a great choice for a Hotel or Motel.


NEC Voice Over IP

We have available a NEC Voip Starter kit, a NEC Voip Daughter Board, a NEC phone adapter, and two phones available.  One phone is the standard NEC 34-Button Display Phone and a NEC 34-Button Super Display Phone.

The NEC 4 X 8 Business Phone System 

The NEC 4 X 8 Business Phone System

The initial configuration starts at 4 incoming lines X 8 digital station ports X 4 analog station ports with the capability to expand to 8 incoming line X 24 digital station ports X 18 analog station ports  The DSX40 is a great phone system for small businesses that doesn't need voice mail but need answering machine capability.  System Bundles and starter kits priced as low as $749 with free shipping.  Starter kits and system bundles available with hospitality phones.  Hospitality phones available

NEC Cordless Phones 

NEC Cordless Phones

We have the latest NEC Wireless Phone available for most of the later model NEC Phone Systems accept the DS1000/2000 and the iSeries.

NEC also manufactures an IP version cordless phone that is cost effective if several cordless phones are needed at one facility.

Advanced Features Include:

Voice Mail, Desktop Suite, Hospitality, Voice Mail to Email, All Call Distributor, Wireless Headset Adapter, Mobile Extension, Network Licensing.

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