Gondola Request a Quote

ESSI Store Fixtures

What we need to know in order to properly send you an accurate gondola shelving quote is:

  1. We need to know if you need Double Sided Shelving or Single Sided Shelving.


  2. We need to know the over all length of each of your double sided shelving aisles or single sided wall shelving aisles.
    Aisle Length
  3. We need to know the height of each of your Gondola Shelving Aisles.
    Gondola Shelving Height
  4. We need to know the base width of your lower shelf.
    Gondola Shelving Depth
  5. We need to know the depth of your upper shelves and how many upper shelves you need.
    Gondola Shelving Depth
  6. Are End Caps needed for the double sided Gondolas?
    End Caps

Once you have compiled all of this information please fill in our quote form or call 800 619 9566.