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Industrial Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack Decks 

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Decks

Pallet Rack Regular Duty Decks

Unfinished 2" dimensional lumber provides high load capacity. Use with ‘-2’ style beams only. Order by frame depth.

Regular Duty Pallet Rack Decks 

Pallet Rack Regular Duty Decks

Economical 5/8" high density particle board for lighter loads or to prevent merchandise from falling. Not recommended where heavy pallets “scrape” the surface. Sealed decks have baked-on polymer wax finish to seal surface.

Pallet Rack Grid Decks

Pallet Rack Grid Decks

Pallet Rack Deck Supports

Pallet Rack Supports

Deck Supports are formed heavy gauge steel with tabs which fit into beam slots, providing support for regular duty decking or to tie beams together to prevent rotation of beams where heavy duty decking is used. 



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