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The OfficeServ 100 offers power and control without sacrificing flexibility.

The OfficeServ 100 offers power and control without sacrificing flexibility.

The OfficeServ 100 is as easy to use as it is efficient. Our single cabinet design is configured as a basic Key System Unit, and you can add either one of two expansion cabinets as your business needs require.

The OS 100 Release 2/OfficeServ is a digital VoIP enabled telephone system designed for small to medium businesses. It can operate with the functionality of a square key system, PABX or a combination of both (hybrid).

The OS 100 employs the very latest DSP (Digital Signal Processor) digital technology. With integrated Media Gateway Cards (MGI), local IP keysets, remote IP keysets and IP networking are easily and economically added as needed.

Samsung OfficeServ 7100

The Samsung OfficeServ 7100 Performance Right Out of the Box

Easy plug and play platform works right out of the box with an embedded full featured voice mail and automated attendant that supports wireless and wired handsets with caller ID , automatic call routing with an email gateway that routes voice mail messages to email

Samsung OfficeServ7200
Samsung OfficeServ7200

OfficeServ7200 The Next Generation of Convergence

Combining it expertise in wireless communications, core networks, digital technology, and IP functionality we have the OfficeServ 7200.  As a completely converged platform, the OfficeServ7200 supports boith voice and data communication with powerful, IP-based wired and wireless flexibility.

Samsung DS-5000 Series Telephones

Samsung DS-5000 Series Telephones

Samsung DS-5000 Series Telephones are the perfect choice for crystal clear communications in your small or medium company. Designed to work with Samsung's OfficeServ 100/500 and OfficeServ 7000 Series systems, your DS-5000 family of terminals helps you manage flexible, programmable functions for more efficient call processing.

Samsung iDCS Series Telephones

Samsung iDCS Series Telephones

The iDCS keyset family consists of a 28 button LCD, 18 button LCD and 8 button LCD telephones, a 14 button add-on-module and 64 button console for additional lines. One of the most exciting enhancement is the availability of full duplex speakerphone daughterboard. This enhancement upgrades a Samsung executive telephone set or conference room to a full duplex speakerphone.

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Samsung OfficeServ Voice Mail

Samsung OfficeServ Voice Mail

With Samsung's Auto Attendant and Voicemail products you will be assured that your business is operating in an optimum mode. You will know that your customers are being serviced.

Samsung OfficeServ Starter Kits

Samsung OfficeServ Starter Pricing

Samsung phone system starter kits starting out as low as $999 with 3 Phones.

Samsung OfficeServ Expansion Cards

Samsung OfficeServ Expansion Cards

T1 PRI 23 or 24 channel card, 6-port trunk card, 2 X 4 DLI card, 2 X 4 SLI card, expansion cabinets both A & B.


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